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Help with Speed Profile, Please!

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Help with Speed Profile, Please!

I am last but one on a long line from the exchange.  Following some external rewiring by an Openreach engineer earlier in the year, and buying a Billion Bipac 7800dxl, I achieved a speed of 1.9Mbps, which was excellent by our usual standards.  However, for the last two months or so the speed has dropped to 1.15Mbps.  I have rebooted a number of times since, but the speed is always exactly the same, which suggests to me that my speed is being held back.  Today I have upgraded my faceplate to an Openreach Mk2, but still the speed remains unchanged.  Our exchange (Downton, Wiltshire) is in the process of being upgraded to FTTC, but this is not completed as yet.
Is it possible that there is something that you can do to restore my speed, please?  Although the difference in speed may seem small to you, I share this connection with three internet-greedy teenagers, and any increase would be very gratefully received.
Thank you!!
Mode ADSL G.dmt.bis
SNR margin 2.6
Sync 1.150 Down
Sync .440 Up
Att 69
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Re: Help with Speed Profile, Please!

Hi clarepennyazalea,
I've attached a status check of your line and I have a couple of concerns with the results.
The loop loss of 69 is pretty high, this would usually indicate a poor line or an internal wiring issue. The first thing I would recommend would be plugging the router directly into the test socket by removing the faceplate. This will eliminate any internal wiring and if you can check your sync speed at this point. Even better if you can let me know when you are in the test socket I will run some checks.
Also, the SNR is dangerously low which to me indicates that at this moment in time the sync speed wont improve.