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Help setting up PHP on my webspace

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Registered: ‎31-01-2010

Help setting up PHP on my webspace

I've been following the instructions on the Plusnet help pages, to set up a simple PHP web page.
I've placed a test page in my CGI webspace, but my browser can't display the page, as it doesn't have the correct permissions (must be 755).
I'm using Dreamweaver CS3, so I tried to set the permissions on the file via the built-in ftp client, however these permissions haven't been applied.
I then downloaded Putty, and tried to connect via SSH, using the hostname, as described in the instructions, however I can't connect and get the error 'connection refused'.
Could someone please advise on how I can make my PHP page accessible?
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Re: Help setting up PHP on my webspace

test page in my CGI webspace
php is a different language than cgi (perl)
move the php file into your home directory - where you upload also the webpages - (out of the cgi-bin)
unless your webspace do not support php it will work - - or if not your php file might be faulty -
you can save the above lines - to into a txt file and call it info.php and upload to server to check out your php configuration