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Having serious connection problems

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Having serious connection problems

Don't know what to do anymore, iv'e rang Plusnet several times in the last 2 months (only had this isp for 2 months) and waited around an hour in ques, only for them to run line test and tell me the line is been fixed
The problems i'm having are: 2 or 3 days out of the week my internet won't work at all, when ever my internet is working if someone else on the router watches a youtube video my skype cuts off or it takes over 60 seconds to load a webpage, im getting less than 200kbps download speeds even though the connection is  2-4mb
When ever i rang plusnet i was told their might be a fault with the line but they never seem to come out and want to fix it, i dont know what steps to take now with my previous internet provider it wasn't this bad.
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Re: Having serious connection problems

Hi Asimy786,
What has happened since you first mentioned your problems back in August on the forums and were asked to start your own thread by Anotherone?
Have you gathered the information requested under the speed issues thread at the top of this forum?  That data will enable community members to offer some advice.
Have you tried raising a fault report here - ?
Is your router plugged into the master socket?
Is the phone line quiet?  Dial 17070 option 2.