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Gigabit Router Recomendation

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Registered: ‎14-08-2009

Gigabit Router Recomendation

I want to upgrade the Thompson router supplied with my plusnet account.  It works OK'ish for net but is a bottleneck on my home network.  Have Cat6e cabling installed and a lynksys gigabit hub, can anyone recomend an alternative that has a good track record with plusnet?
Ps live in rural west cumbria so don't expect any great improvement in net line speeds  Sad.
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Re: Gigabit Router Recomendation

If you got the money draytek offer them the 2820 range adsl routers only have 1 gigabit port but the 2930 range have 4 gigabit ports but cost over £200
I got the draytel 2710n no gigabit switch but it does wireless n at up to 300 instead of my speedtouchs 54
I tried a billon 7800N its got 4 gigabit but i had to send mine back, every time i wanted to watch my cat via ipcamera using viewnetcam it kept coming up with the router login and password instead of viewnetcam login
why not get the draytel with 2 voip ports and get free** voip calls via plusnet voip (not skype)
**= depending on which adsl contract you have