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Game problem / Help with upload speed

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Game problem / Help with upload speed

Hello there all. I'm just looking for some advice, maybe some help.
Been with Plusnet now for the last few weeks and everything is fine apart from one possible problem.
Quite often, a friend or two will pop round and we'll enjoy a couple of games of League Of Legends. Since changing providers, once or twice in pretty much every game, and just for a short amount of time (no more than 5-10 seconds each time), we will all lose complete control of our characters. Of course it's not really important. We're not serious players and are just having a laugh, but nearly every time it happens one or more of us will end up dead which is quite annoying. This problem did not happen with my previous provider.
What's got us thinking that it's not just the game servers lagging is that no other players moan about lag at that time, and the fact we can still see everything that's going on in the game as normal. There are no jumps or stutters and the game just carries on with us unable to move or cancel the current action. The ping also stays fairly low throughout, usually between 40-100.
So I ran a speed test, and while download speed is pretty much the same as what it was with my previous provider, the upload speed is much less, at 0.3Mb/s, down from what was about 0.8Mb/s. I don't know what the game requires in terms of upload/download speed for 2 or 3 players, but could this be the reason why the game occasionally does not receive our input?
We don't play other games that much, but when we have I can't remember seeing this problem, so it still could be their servers.
I have no idea about this stuff, but I'm basically just wondering if there are any tricks or changes that could squeeze out a bit more upload bandwidth, even if it's at the expense of download speed, just to see if that helps?
Thanks for any advice.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Game problem / Help with upload speed

Hi, just requested an upstream uncap for you, that'll take effect tomorrow morning and should improve the speeds to around the 1Mb level - hope it helps.