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Force9 ISP

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Registered: ‎06-09-2007

Force9 ISP

When I got my first desktop PC ( about 1997 ) my son ( a geek) recommended Force 9 as an ISP and duly downlaoded (whatever) the dial up link I used from  1997 up to my recent activated Broadband. In the meantime ( about 2003) I updated my desktop PC ( again commissioned by my son) and moved to Thunderbird & Firefox for e-mail/search engine.  When I got my broadband activated ( 9/9/07) I was pleased to note I no longer needed the Force 9 dial up icon (obviously) and just clicking on the Thunderbird icon on the desk top took me straight to my Force 9 INBOX- great.  Now I have a laptop which is wi-fi connected to my broadband hub ...but in order to access my e-mail I need to launch my laptop browser and then enter and get my e-mail via webmail on this site.....what do I need on my laptop to get the same 'direct' access to my Force 9 INBOX. Huh?Huh
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Re: Force9 ISP

Hi there,
You can download Thunderbird onto your laptop by going to this link:
Clicking on where it says "New! Thunderbird 2"
You should be able to set it up by following this page: