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Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

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Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

Curious, thought I was on a fixed IP address but my account details say ney. Been with Plusnet a fair few years now.

Anyway, thought I'd sling £5 one off at Plusnet to make sure it's a fixed IP, a fee as listed.


Yep, to try to get a fixed IP followed the forum tips, still leads to a dumb web page suggesting

some "extras" costing £5 each month. That or call the helpdesk which I believe is covid19 maxed out.

Don't want to listen to piped music on hold, much, if any.


Anyway to do this easy, confirm I have a fixed IP or get it changed back to fixed or .... leggit back to some other IP outfit and talk to some poor old screen viewing smuck in Capetown or Manilla .... any ideas?

BTW, I'm old enough to remember phoning a Plusnet Tech & have a router back up working fine in 5 minutes.

Happier days.





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Re: Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

@Brian123 If you check 'add-ons' within your account, is the static IP option available? If it is, just click the 'Add this bolt-on' at he right of the page.

It isn't very clear on there, but the £5.00 set-up fee is a one-off, not a recurring monthly charge.

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Re: Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

Thank you John, I'll give it a whirl.




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Re: Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

I have only been with Plusnet for a few months, and I only paid a one off fee of £5 to get a static IP.

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Re: Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

Thanks MMG but it occurred to me, I used to have a static IP with Plusnet for years.

Somehow this got changed to Dynamic and will cost me £5 to fix. Meantime Plusnet advised by email today that my contract

per month will go up from £27 to £36.

Last time similar was proposed I had to negotiate something called a "discount" with a Plusnet Care  Bear by phone, after

ages in a call queue. Gawd knows how long that would take factoring in covid19 so, nah, on balance I'm offski to Zen ISP.

Been with Plusnet way over 10yrs, 15yrs maybe and have seen excellent phone support increasingly replaced by idiot web FAQ pages.

Strange, Plusnet can afford to payout for the dumb shouty TV and Radio Ads, but not easy phone help.


Good luck MMG and all.

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Re: Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet



HI Apologies for adding my 2 cents -  recently just had my renewal review/proposal  - email states I wont pay more than that being offered to new customers as long as I take a new contract  ( oh and they offering a £60 voucher if i renew ) - so not sure how/why your bill will go up - unless thats the out of contract monthly cost.

They are quoting a cost of approx £40 pcm if I dont renew a contract

there adverts yesterday I believe were for 18 month Unlimited Fibre extra  £27.99  ex any call package   - interestingly 12 month contract for same was being offered at £26.99


These prices / offers are ending in a day or so   ( bound to be replaced with something similar )- I'm waiting for a line fix to be sorted  to resolve speed issues then I may jump or stick depending on outcome


However I agree your comments re Customer service  - amazed that OFCOM / Advertising Standards Agency  havent been crawling all over PNET  - I'm cutting them some slack for Covid /lockdown issues  - but prior to that it's certainly not living up to the hype of there adverts.


Good Luck






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Re: Fixed or Static IP with Plusnet

Thank You Mr Moansalot.

No. For me it was just the machine generated "your contract ends in a month, stay with us and we'll charge you near 50% more in August". PNet did this the last contract expire year, had to negotiate a "discount" via a phone care bear.

Got to be 15yrs with PNet but I am offski to Zen ISP, their Fritz! Router turns up tomorrow ... damn fast service.

The "penalties & charges" for leaving a PNet contract (what, 2 weeks early from expire, if they choose to apply them) are as plain as BT/Telefonica mud. Read the "help page" three times, no idea but we'll see. I'm still offski.

Just seems to me PNet has gone the way of the others. Big adverts with a loud man shouting (we pay for that?)

, offers to new punters, never gets cheaper for existing loyalty, most support help now "AI" (joke) sourced, no humans involved.


No probs, I'm out of here. Have fun folks.