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Firewall settings

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Firewall settings

Other than a software firewall I know nothing about the firewall in the router and the settings available in Connection Settings in the Member Centre, where I see it is currently off. But if I look at the Technicolor router, at Firewall in the Toolbox, it is set to Standard ( I have not any settings there or in the Connection Settings in Member Centre). I see looking at event logs in the router, there are firewall events such as:
FIREWALL icmp check (1 of 1): Protocol: ICMP Src ip: 61.152.XX.5 Dst ip: 91.125.XXX.XXX Type: Time Exceeded Code: Time to Live exceeded in Transit
(I have inserted xx in some parts of the IP shown for forum purposes, even though it is dynamic)
So I really don't know the difference between the Off setting in Connection Settings and Standard as seen in the router.
I don't do anything special online, but banking I do do so particularly keen to protect that activity! Is there anything I ought to change anywhere?
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Re: Firewall settings

The Plusnet firewall in the member centre is completely separate from the firewall in the Technicolor router.
If the Plusnet firewall in the member centre is enabled, it can block things before Plusnet sends down your line to your router.
As for the router firewall log entries, they seem quite typical, pretty much everybody using these Technicolor routers will see them.