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Firewall on thomson TG582n router

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Firewall on thomson TG582n router

How can I get the firewall to control port forwarding ?
I have setup under Game & Application Sharing a rule that port 443 goes to one internal machine on the same port. I then added a firewall rule to
allow my internal hidden subent to go out
allow only a subnet (e.g.  to access port 443
deny anything else
But still any Internet use can access my port 443. Why ?

Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Firewall on thomson TG582n router

Hi Huaraz,
I'm not to sure myself why or how to do this, I will ask ask our hardware expect on advise for this. Unfortunately he's not in the office today. I'll update this thread as soon as he his.