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Fax will not open attachments

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Fax will not open attachments

I use an old (Win98) computer to send faxes and I can do it in two ways.
1. Fax message opens up as emal and I type the contents manually.
2. I scan a page and the computer converts it into a fax attachment.
When both types are sent to fax number, those typed as email are ok by those which are scanned just show a blank header page and no scan. Scanned pages are needed if a document with original signature needs to be faxed.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a feature of fax facility?
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Re: Fax will not open attachments

I suggest you confirm that the fax's are being sent correctly by sending them to an ordinary fax number. My suspicion is that it is the sending and nothing to do with the PN fax facility.
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