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Fault taking too long to resolve.

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Registered: ‎19-01-2012

Fault taking too long to resolve.

How long will you be taking to resolve my through-put problem? There is a huge lack of activity on my tickets online. The only way I get to update is by calling you and even then they only apply a note for the fault management team to deal with. Could you please tell me what is happening with this?
I will have to cancel if this persists. I should also be due a refund for the engineer visit when joining you as the engineer never checked to see if the line from the property to the exchange was healthy for bb connection. Oblviously with these fault issues it is not good enough, hence why pay the £49.99? Not so happy at the moment with the lack of responses.
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Re: Fault taking too long to resolve.

Hi andy0487,
Just had a look though the ticket and we're just waiting for you to get beck to us with times for engineer availability.
Jojo Smiley