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Fault inside or out?

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Fault inside or out?

So my broadband connection has been dropping with increasing and infuriating frequency. Pages take forever to load and watching NOW TV has become literally impossible between very low definition and frequent freezing.  I report it and am told there is no fault on the line, and to try various things such as  changing the microfilters (there are none. The BT socket is one of those which are split in two with a top slot for the router and bottom slot for the phone line) and trying a different router to rule out equipment problems at my end. Like most non technical people I don't have extra routers lying in the bottom of hte kitchen drawer. But as I've been warned of expensive charges if they come out and find it is my equipment I send off for the cheapest well rated router I find on Amazon. Mistake as when it arrives its not only accompanied by incomprehensible technical jargon , its self evidently the wrong kind. It's not ADSL. Meantime, before it arrives - yesterday - I get an email from plusnet saying they've asked for "interleaving" to be switched on to solve the problem..and this may take between one and 5 days. So ive no idea if its on or not but the problem remains 24 hours later.  I went over to Tesco and bought a second router..a tplink adsl one which specifically mentions compatability with plusnet on the packaging. I got through the set up process which connects perfectly fine, internet. I go through each and every one of the solutions suggested both in the documentation and their online guide - or at least all the bits comprehensible to me (when its asking me to check WAN, investigate the 5th Element, and Ping my oven chips I fear they're mistaking me for someone else) Still no internet connection on the new router. The final step of advice by the tp-link site?  "It may be a fault on your your ISP". At this point I've come up with some jargon of my own.

Can someone who speaks English of the non 27th century variety please advise me?

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Re: Fault inside or out?

To rule out your internal wiring being cause you need to unscrew faceplate of Openreach Master socket, and pull off; behind that is the test socket. If after plugging in router there, broadband now works, it shows an internal wiring issue or adsl filter. Internal wiring is your £responsibility£ these days.


If you have a BT Phone book, there's normally guide near front (with images) as to how to do this Smiley

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Re: Fault inside or out?

Hello @gattino


Sorry to see you are experiencing drops in your connection. An engineer appointment is needed and I have updated your ticket with the next steps here.



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