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FTTC router/modem reboot in first 10 days?

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FTTC router/modem reboot in first 10 days?

Just got FTTC and I am wondering if, like with my old broadband, it is required, or at least beneficial to reboot the router/modem a few times in the first 10 days.
I was estimated at 52mb/13mb and I am currently getting 76mb/22mb and don't want to upset the rhythm by rebooting if its not needed.
I understand that I am currently unlimited but can get banded down if the line is unstable. The BT guy installed everything and then found a line fault, he found the issue up the nearest pole and has connected me onto the best pair he could find on the pole so I know that as far as the hardware goes everything should be ok.
If rebooting is required then what the best order to do it in given the seperate modem and router.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: FTTC router/modem reboot in first 10 days?

Hi Tensulp,
I would try not to reboot the modem if you ca get away with it if I'm honest. The DLM on FTTC can be a little harsh at times! If the line needs to make any changes it will do them automatically.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer