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FTTC cabinets ready or not???

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FTTC cabinets ready or not???

Hi all
As mentioned elsewhere my exchange is getting FTTC via the BDUK initiative.  There are approx. 6 FTTC cabinets already in place in my locale though the PCP I am connected to has yet to get an FTTC one...............patience :lol:
Now I thought it was just(?) the cabinet hardware being placed but this morning I saw an Openreach engineer sat on his stool actually working in one of the newest placed cabinets so short of that they had already run the fibre bundle cables in readiness for the cabinets, what could be have been doing???  The cabinet I think had both doors open (I was driving by in traffic at the time Wink ) and he was working with what looked like wire bundles in the right hand side.
Many thanks for any insight based on what is likely to be going on???
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTC cabinets ready or not???

what could be have been doing???

I'd imagine it could have been preparatory work to connect the PCP to an FTTC cab or it could have been the provision of a new line for someone on you're street or perhaps a fix for a fault. We'd never know for certain so I'd just go and ask the engineer if you see one working on a cab and are curious.

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