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FTTC Line rate drops with every issue

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FTTC Line rate drops with every issue

When I 1st had my fibre installed in March 2012, everything was great. I was on the 40/2 package and got the expected speed of 38MB.
I went straight onto the 80/20 pilot within days of installation, and was getting around 68MB
There was an issue with the Openreach modem so PN efficiently organised an engineer to attend (something to do with different makes of kit which the engineer said, although it shouldn't make a difference, it apparently did, and they had put in a modem that was only supposed to be fitted in the north of Sheffield) that meant my connection dropped and didn't reconnect.
I also changed the router to the technicolor one supplied by PN for the trial as this also appeared to help the problem.
During the above problem being resolved, the stable speed dropped to high 50's (cant remember the exact figure) but the PN rep I had spoke to stated that to reset the line they basically would have to cease and reinstall the fibre connection, but as I was getting a decent speed I wasn't bothered.
The problem is now, every time I have an issue (eg electrical work at home which required the power supply off - which I appreciate is none of PNs doing) the speed drops and doesn't go back up!!!!
The latest issue was a power cut in the evening about 4 weeks ago. The line rate went down and has stayed down. I have been away for 3 weeks in which time the connection appears to have been on continuously, but my rate has not gone back up.
I am now down at 33.8MB which is getting a bit ridiculous for an (up to) 80MB connection.
The estimate page has read the following since the last power outage.......

Phone exchange:
Estimated line speed:
50Mb (Download speed could vary depending on line conditions. Estimates are the maximum speeds that your phone line can support. These speeds are dependent on the package you choose.)  - Checked on 2013-06-22 16:47:05
Current line speed:
33.8 Mb
If this had been like this since installation, I would accept it, but I know I am only about 300m from the cabinet (line length, not distance, it's only about 50, away), copper all the way, and the speed was great on installation and is only being affected by external issues.
Should this be how it is or is there anything that can be done?
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Re: FTTC Line rate drops with every issue

Sorry to hear that, unfortunately an SNR reset on fibre isn't easy but it might be possible. What sort of speeds does the BT tester - - show, and does it show that there's any problems at all?