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FTTC Expected Speeds

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FTTC Expected Speeds

I have read that OR will guarantee a FTTC speed of 15mb.
I have just ordered FTTC for a customer at their new property where no internet connection at all has ever existed.
The BTW checker is showing expected speeds of 11 down 1 up.
I know that the property is 0.75km from the nearest cab as the crow flies but i expect that it is more like 1.5km.
With this in mind if they cannot get 15mb and are stuck with 11mb, will they still have to pay for the fibre product or will PN do like BT and just charge them for unlimited ADSL whilst still being on FTTC?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTC Expected Speeds

Hi there,
Whilst we'd make every effort to help any customer in that sittuation to get the best from their service we do have totally separate products and prices for ADSL and fibre accounts. Are you sure BT actually do that?
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 Adam Walker
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