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FTTC 582n router keeps losing connection to WiFi printer

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FTTC 582n router keeps losing connection to WiFi printer

My HP P1102W wireless laser printer worked fine for years with a previous router using a fixed IP WiFi address rather than using DHCP.
Now that I've (just) moved to PlusNet with a FTTC 582n router, my printer often cannot be seen by the router or any device connected to it. If I reboot the router, the printer then works for a while but disappears from the network again and I have to reboot the router to see the printer. Even when the printer is connected (by WiFi) to the router (and everything is working OK) the IP address for the printer in the router configuration page is shown as! I think the router is running the latest software ( The printer and router are physically close enough for it not to be a signal problem.
From searching I can see that this type of problem was raised in the forum about a year ago but there was no solution posted, hence my post here.
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Re: FTTC 582n router keeps losing connection to WiFi printer

Hi jmh
Does sound like something's not right!
What was the IP address of the printer with your previous set up?  What does the printer's own config say, i.e. what does it tell you its IP address is?  EDIT having just googled it has no display so not sure if this info is accessible or configurable directly from the printer.
Is there a way of resetting the printer?  If so I'd do that and then let the router assign the printer an IP address (using DHCP) and when it's up and running you can select 'always use the same IP address' for this device from the router's config.  The 582n is known to have problems with port forwarding to static IP devices and this may be a further consequence of the same fault.
Hope that helps.