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FTP not working when useage allowance exceeded

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FTP not working when useage allowance exceeded

Just a bit of feedback here for everyone's benefit.
I've just spent two days trying to work out why my laptop couldn't upload FTP using any one of three upload applications (Cute FTP, WS_FTP, and Powerdesk), even though I had a good internet connection. Installed them on another PC - same problem.  Tried a new modem router - same problem.
I called Plusnet and discovered that it was because I had exceeded my Option 1 bandwidth limit - 7GB.  On the control panel for selecting useage allowance the only advice about this is that you can select fixed useage, in which case you are throttled to 128k.  There's no mention of FTP uploads being stopped, but tech support thought they must be timing out.  I can't think why - I used to use dialup with no problem and my HTTP and voip connections were running fine.
I only mention this to save others from wasting time trying to 'fix' a 'problem' that doesn't exist.
How about a warning on the useage upgrade and/or statistics pages Plusnet?
I still love Plusnet tho' !!
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Re: FTP not working when useage allowance exceeded

Read the rules -
Control how much you spend
Each Broadband Your Way Option comes with a usage allowance. Extra usage is just 75p per GB if you add it upfront or £1 per GB if you just pay for any extra as you use it. If you know you don’t want to pay any extra you can set a price limit (if you reach your limit your line is restricted to 128kbps and advanced protocols - Usenet, P2P and FTP - are blocked until the end of your billing month. A limit is set as standard if you choose a pre-defined option).