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F2704N Unknown Devices

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Registered: ‎11-12-2016

F2704N Unknown Devices



I am trying to port forward an IP camera on my network so that I can access it via a web browser (or 3rd party application) via my DDNS address when away from home - so that I do not need to be restricted by the poorly put together app which they have provided for my phone. 


I currently have around 15 different services port forwarded from multiple devices on my network for one reason or another. All of these devices are showing device names in the connected devices list. 


The camera however, shows as 'Unknown-MACADDRESS'. So when I apply the relevant port forwarding rule to this device, a second MAC appears in brackets underneath. The port forwarding works for around a minute. I have tried applying a static IP to the device (both on the device and via the /expert_user portal. 


Is there a way to apply a device name manually to a MAC address to prevent this from happening? Or are there any other ways I can get the port forwarding to stick?