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Extremely Slow Broadband Connection

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Extremely Slow Broadband Connection


I have been having trouble with my broadband for the last week or so, i have a connection but its extremely slow - i can do some slow internet browsing but its impossible to stream anything etc

I have contacted customer service as the phone line was noisy, and a BT engineer came out to have a look two days ago, there was a fault on the line which was fixed and we were told by the engineer everything tested fine, however there has been no change to our internet speeds.

I have attached the info from on the router stats. The BT performance test said the upload speed was 0.28 and download speed 0.79 and on my plusnet account it also says the current line speed is 0.2MB. When i joined Plusnet a few months ago i was told my current line speed at the time was 9.2Mbps so there has been a drastic drop. 


Any help would be appreciated Smiley 



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Re: Extremely Slow Broadband Connection


As this is a public forum, you should hide your username and any other personal details.

Your line needs resetting, you may be lucky and one of the PN people will see your post and sort it for you, of you could get on the phone or chat to get PN to help/

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Re: Extremely Slow Broadband Connection

Hello @sarahshawcross and a warm welcome to the community forums


It looks like your profile hadn't updated automatically from 200 kbps upon resolution of your phone fault. I've altered the setting now, so you should be getting the correct speeds once you reboot your router.


It's also worth noting that my tests have picked up on a major service outage in the area, but that's estimated to be fixed within the next hour (05-01-2017 09:18:29).


I hope this helps.

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