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Evening dropouts

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Evening dropouts

Hi there

My broadband connection seems to drop out intermittantly every evening between 9 & 11 for a minute or 2.  I'm using the standard router that PlusNet provided. 

Just wondered if anyone else had come across this before?

Cheers in advance

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Re: Evening dropouts

Is it the DSL circuit sync dropping our or the plusnet bit of the connection? (what colour router lights and what router do you have?)

Is it randomly between 9-11 or always at fixed times?

If the circuit is dropping out it could be either a faulty line, or probably more likely some local interference if always between the same time periods, so think like central heating coming on, cooking, Christmas tree lights (still! :-))!

Some report of people on the 40/2 product getting disconnected when doing lots of uploads so not sure if it disconnect too when you aren't using it or just when you are?

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Re: Evening dropouts

Apologies for the belated reply, looking at your connection logs this doesn't seem to be happening any more:


If you're still seeing the same issues can you let us know if you're connected via wired or wireless.

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