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Engineer visit complete - no internet

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Re: Engineer visit complete - no internet

Hi Gandalf,

Thanks for clarifying! My housemate actually saw an Openreach engineer working on the box on our road yesterday - but am I right in thinking they do jobs individually rather than all at once? and that we'd receive a notification when an engineer had been/the service was fixed?

I tried using firefox but that also didn't work. Since we have no internet at home I can only check at work, but it was possible to load the website here previously. Perhaps they have seen how often I am on the plusnet website and blocked it Smiley


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Engineer visit complete - no internet

Hi @oliverpinion,


You're correct in that these sorts of jobs are carried out on an individual basis rather than all at once, so it sounds like the engineer that was carrying out work yesterday was there for something unrelated. Your order is due to complete by midnight on the 2nd of November and you'll be sent a notification once the order is complete and your broadband is ready to use.


Thanks for confirming that you've tried to load our website on a different browser, I'm sorry to hear that this also didn't work. It might be the case that the website is blocked on your work's connection, if possible I would recommend trying to access this via mobile data or public WiFi.

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 Emily D
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