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Dropping Connection Now High Latency

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Dropping Connection Now High Latency

My mother's broadband connection has been dropping over the past month to six weeks after 3 months of a stable connection with Plusnet and, previously, a year's stable connection with Sky. Before that her broadband was with Plusnet again with no issues except that two years ago her phone line from the house to the telephone pole was replaced because of a high resistance problem.

To ensure it wasn't a problem with the ADSL router or filter, a new router was purchased and a new filter was plugged directly into the test socket behind the master phone socket face plate. The disconnections continued.

Plusnet have taken two actions to fix the problem, the first was to impose interleaving on the line and the second was to amend the SNR. The first action failed to fix the disconnection problem and the second appears to have introduced high latency to the connection. I have been using quality monitor to remotely assess the situation as I live a considerable distance from her (latest graphs attached).

It would appear to me that they are trying to compensate for degradation of the physical line by tinkering with settings rather than having a broadband engineer physically test the line.

Does anyone have a similar experience or insight into the problem ?

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Re: Dropping Connection Now High Latency

Those graphs are not untypical of heavy usage, during which pingbtraffic will have a low priority. There is no indication of a line drop there. Is your mother experiencing any actual difficulty with her usage of the internet?

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Dropping Connection Now High Latency

Sorry to hear about the issues your mother has had.

The minimum latency shown on the ping graph has increased due to interleaving being turned on.

As Townman has advised the other spikes will be when the connection is being used.

If you can PM me her username I can run further tests on her line.

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