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Download in relation to IP Profile

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Download in relation to IP Profile

My connection appears to be over performing! I'm pretty sure the above is just an anomaly from the good old BTw checker.   Wink ...
Download speedachieved during the test was - 16.18 Mbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 4 Mbps-21 Mbps.
IP Profile for your line is - 15.65 Mbps
This is a more 'out of interest' post than anything else...
I've had a number of router reboots this week caused mainly due the electrics in the house being on the fritz and what I  found was a faulty Belkin router (never again!). I've reverted back the the TG582n and hopefully as of now everything should be back to normal. As a general rule I've worked out that I tend to achieve around 93% of the PN profile speed (I realise this varies from person to person due to wireless equipment etc.). Due to the problems causing router reboots my PN profile dropped earlier from 16mb to 15.4 (current sync is 17735)  however I'm currently achieving better speeds (testing with a bunch of different test sites), than I ever did on the 16mb profile.  The speeds I'm currently achieving appear to be pretty near to the actual 15.4mb. Despite the number of reboots the sync speed has always been around the same on the Technicolor router the Belkin used to sync higher hence the 16mb profile.
The reason I'm posting is really to ask what the realistic actual download speed is you could achieve within your PN profile, what would be the cause of a sudden rise in speed (for future knowledge). Could it simply be hopping on a different gateway (currently pcl-ag03)? Or even the time of day (I expect some slowdown in the evening)?  The only other changes I've made to my PC & Laptop  recently is a change of firewall, a change of wireless channel, and switched to using Google DNS.

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Re: Download in relation to IP Profile

Hi  there spookypickle, ps.- preferred the other avatar
Virtually all speedtesters can give erroneous (high) results from time to time, my experience is that it's more common with Flash based ones.
The old BT speedtester which required Java tended to be pessimistic, the new one tends to give similar results to the other two you've used most of the time. Your results are about what I'd expect for the profile, using them.
Changing Gateway can make a difference, but it's not very common except when there's congestion or some other network problem. Changing wireless channel can make a difference if one channel has a strong signal from another network then speed will usually be slower. Changing Firewall shouldn't make a difference and changing DNS won't. Changing Modem/router can make a difference, but in theory shouldn't.
The most accurate test is downloading a file of known size from a server that's not restricting the speed and timing it. TBB (Thinkbroadband) have a tester that does that, as well as a Flash one.
As congestion can make a difference it's always best to run several tests at non-peak times from several servers to get a good correlation. Once you know what you can expect from your connection you may find one tester that  gives a consistent result for you.
Personally I've found the new BT speedtest (previously the Beta one on the old site) gives me consistent results, although I don't rely on the ping results  Shocked