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Dial up

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Registered: ‎31-01-2011

Dial up

Ordered Plusnet phone and BB 8 days ago for house I will be moving into today. Phone line is now active, but on order tracker BB is scheduled for Feb 5th. Will my account already have access via dialup modem? I could do with this to check emails and whatnot till BB is active via laptop. I looked at dial up connection settings but they seemed to be for legacy products and although the phoneline is active i couldnt connect using the 0845 number I found there yesterday whilst at the house, admittedly in a hurry. Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Dial up

Hi arithdcael,
Welcome to plusnet and the forums. That's not something we do really but I've just googled free dial up and there are lots of non-subscription based numbers you can use.
Jojo Smiley