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Decent sync, dropping connection and packets

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Registered: ‎14-09-2016

Decent sync, dropping connection and packets

Hi there, 


I'm at my wits end here.  An elderly friend had to change her broadband from Onetel after they ceased providing a phone and broadband service and signed up with Plusnet.


In the two months since she went live ( in the loosest terms) there hadn't been a day that she has had a stable connection.


The line syncs at about 4.5 Mb which I think is good considering the distance from the exchange but loading google, the BBC, bing or any other website, or even checking emails times out.  She was on a rock solid, albeit slower line before the change over and we have tried her old router ( a netgear one) and now two plus net routers.  Plugging into the test master socket makes no difference and I've swapped the leads to the router, filters and even the cat 5 cable between the router and the PC, not that I would have thought that the latter would have made any difference to the line dropping.


Running tracert's to the BBC and other sites sometimes shows that the name didn't resolve and at other times packets are dropped all over the place.


Personally I think it's probably at the exchange end as that's the only thing that would have changed, hardware wise on the change over, but Mary has been told to leave the latest router plugged in for 10 days and then go back to support if there's been no improvement.  In the meantime she has paid for two months broadband which it ususable (I even had to bring her PC home to update windows and the a.v. as it was timing out).



Does anyone have any ideas, with 40+ years of IT experience, this one has me stumped and is leaving Mary broadbandless.

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Re: Decent sync, dropping connection and packets

have a read of this epic thread,


here's another link that should explain what's going on,


i'm experiencing the same problems but can't get through to anyone