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Data only FTTC?

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Data only FTTC?
If Openreach ever launch this will Plusnet make it available?
even if it amounts to a small saving on Line rental I'd be quite happy to get shot of the phone service, as we rarely use it due to the amount of mobile minutes we get and the availability of cheap calls via VOIP.
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Re: Data only FTTC?

Testing in 2015, planned launch from mid 2016.
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Re: Data only FTTC?

We've not really made any provisions for it yet.
It would be nice though wouldn't it.  Grin
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Re: Data only FTTC?

If it ever comes im sure it will only be £5 a month cheaper than what we are paying now, the big companies are not stupid enough to lose out on £16 a month, as im sure quite a few will ditch their phone for their mobiles.