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Data limits using P2P

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Data limits using P2P

Hi,  I've heard that some ISPs object to their customers using P2P to illegally download films etc. and I suspect Plusnet may have some monitoring systems in place to detect such use.  I'm aware that if not properly managed, P2P can flood and overload an ISP's infrastructure.    Well this post isn't to ask if I'd be allowed to make such illegal downloads on Plusnet,  but it is about other uses of P2P on Plusnet.  

I'm currently overseas on another ISP where I'm struggling to get my Bitcoin Core blockchain up to date.  To update such a blockchain from scratch these days requires about 120GB of data, and I've been slowly working on updating mine in the last few weeks.  I've got just over 105GB of stored Bitcoin data so far,  so I'm nearly there now.   Once there I understand there's a means of pruning my stored blockchain data down to around 5GB and that will be a lot more manageable.

However I'll shortly be returning to UK and to my Plusnet broadband where I'd like to try and keep my blockchain up-to-date.  Bitcoin Core uses P2P. and the updating involves keeping a record of every Bitcoin transaction that takes place worldwide.  Not sure exactly but I'm guessing I might need to receive around 5GB a day,  plus the P2P system might automatically send around 1GB of my stored data back to other Bitcoin Core users.

Will this be acceptable on Plusnet?  Do some data limits still apply on an "unlimited" broadband account?

Note that my Plusnet ADSL broadband is in a remote location where my speeds are very slow (less than 2Mb download) so this is going to put a natural limit on the risk of P2P causing a network overload on Plusnet.




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Re: Data limits using P2P


Plusnet don't care