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DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

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DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

Hi all,

First time posting here.


For the past week my Plusnet internet has been regularly dropping out every few minutes, it is now at the the point of being unusable.

When it drops out, my router status page states "DSL down", see screenshot attached.


My internet has been fine for the past 7 months of being with Plusnet, it seems to have broken itself at random.

I've lived at this home for 6 years and never had an issue with the internet like this before, after having 4 different internet suppliers here.


I called Plusnet and they did their line tests, and they want to do a home visit to look at the issue, but as an IT contractor who's just started a new contract working in a different town, I cannot take any time off work at all.  I also live alone so nobody can be home for me instead.

So what can I do about it?  I feel like it's stalemate and I have no choice but to leave my internet broken.


As mentioned I do work in IT and I can guarantee nothing has changed inside my home, so I don't know what a home visit is going to achieve?

It's only a 1 bedrom maisonette so there isn't massive amounts of cabling involved, and it's all surface mounted.


What have you lot done in the past when you can't be at home for Plusnet to visit?  I'm stumped.

Thanks all.

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Re: DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

Sometimes Saturday appointments are available, you could try asking for one.
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Re: DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

Hi thanks for the reply. I did ask on the phone about Saturday visits but they said no they don't do them.
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Re: DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

Another night of no internet.

Can barely load anything.

Just about managed to get to the BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test website and here are the results...


Download Speed (Mbps): 0.05

Upload Speed (Mbps) : 0.37

Ping Latency (ms): 224


I was hoping Plusnet would have acknowledged my post on here by now?

I've also just seen how many other posts are on here about internet regularly dropping out and being unusable.

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Re: DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

Well it is not going to get better by itself is it? The sooner you allow an engineer to investigate the sooner you will get your service back.

Of course you will see other people on here with problems, it is one of the reasons for the forum.

Have you carried out any basic tests?

How is your phone line, is it quiet? Dial 17070 option 2 from a wired phone.

Have you tried another router, or even resetting it?

As someone who works in IT I would expect you far ore capable than most of understanding the need for information and checks to e done.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: DSL down - Plusnet want to do home visit.

Hi @luckyman07, sorry to hear you're having broadband issues.

I can see that you have since managed to get this sorted and an engineer was booked in for you to get this resolved.

Let us know if you have any further issues.

Thank you for your patience.

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