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DMZ setting

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DMZ setting

Hi, I've been having problems over the last couple of weeks watching BBC I Player, I was told BBC I Player has been upgraded  just recently, which might explain my problems, no problems with ITV Player by the way, I have tried everything. I ended up phoning the manufacturer of the set top box which is out of warranty now but they put me through to the technical department, the tech man said the fact that the ITV Player side is OK points to a router setting or connection to server, he added possibly to that statement.
I think I have rectified it by enabling the DMZ, I found it via the link on my router  saying assign a DMZ to a Local Network Device, Up to know BBC i player has been seamless in operation. (Fingers crossed).
I'm not quite sure if I've done right by enabling it as I don't know much about that side of it, could anyone advise please ? Just to put my mind at rest.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: DMZ setting

Hi Jono,
We're not aware of any problems regarding BBC iPlayer.
Enabling DMZ is essentially like not having a firewall so it may have been your firewall settings that stopped BBC iPlayer from working prior to you enabling DMZ.
I'd suggest having a look at your Firewall settings and trying to find the issue there instead of enabling DMZ because this bypasses any security that your router may have.
It's not something I know a great deal about but this would be my suggestion.
Hope this helps!