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D-Link DSL320B - Problems Anybody?

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Registered: ‎30-06-2008

D-Link DSL320B - Problems Anybody?

Today has been worse than any other and I have been getting a loss of connection sometimes every 20 seconds from 9am until now (14.30pm).
I've run the Broadband checker and everything but I can see the DSL light flashing when offline so I assume this is due to faulty equipment as there's nothing wrong with my telephone line and what's more, I live right next to the exchange.
I'm not very technically minded so please bear with me and I am loathe to start meddling with the settings (Not that I can access my Modem as it won't accept the admin/admin default username/password.  I didn't reset it, my brother actually set this up for me but can't recall changing the default username and password.
Should I just ask for new equipment?  This has been a frequent problem since I first got Broadband a few months back.  I'm really losing patience now because it's so unreliable and I manage all my utilities and banking online - great if I can actually get online and STAY on!
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
Many thanks.
Lo  Embarrassed
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Re: D-Link DSL320B - Problems Anybody?

Try this first and report back.
Hope this helps.