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Crosstalk on ADSL2+

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Crosstalk on ADSL2+

ON the most recent visit by BTOR I was told that my download speeds - and those of everyone else on the same DP - are being affected by 'crosstalk'

We're furthest from cab at 350metres. Engineer said he could see 16Mb at the cab - we get 4.9 (was 12 but dropped to 6, now less than 5 - below line estimate and g'teed minimum rate)

From what I can tell 'crosstalk' is something that affects fibre rather than copper.

Result from his point of view was essentially 'suck it up mate - nothing I can do'

KBDWBC 160K - 24M No delay (INP 0) 6dB Downstream, UC No delay (INP 0) 6dB Upstream (ADSL2+)

xDSL Status Test Summary
Sync Status: Circuit In Sync
General Information
NTE Status:   NTE Power Status: PowerOn Bypass Status:  
  Upstream DSL Link Information Downstream DSL Link Information
Loop Loss: 19.5 31.5
SNR Margin: 7.1 6.0
Errored Seconds: 0 0
HEC Errors: 0  
Cell Count: 0 0
Speed: 1240 4943
Maximum Stable Rate (KBPS): 11360 Fault Threshold Rate (KBPS): 9088
Mean Time Between Retrains (Seconds): 86400 Mean Time Between Errors Upstream (Seconds): 86400
Indicative Line Quality: G Mean Time Between Errors Downstream (Seconds): 86400


Pending a 4th engineer visit (2 voice and 1 BB so far) does anyone here have sufficient expertise to comment on this as a viable explanation in the first place. This bozo also said he was going to arrange for a PTO test from the cab - fault report to PN made no mention so right now I don't believe a word the last 'engineer' said.

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Re: Crosstalk on ADSL2+

Crosstalk is the signal in one pair of wires causing interference in another. Crosstalk affects ADSL, but because crosstalk gets worse as the frequency increases, it's much less of an issue for ADSL than it is for VDSL2.