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Conversion to 21CN

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Conversion to 21CN

Plusnet have just written to me saying that my exchange has been converted to 21CN and that they intend to transfer me to it. They say that not much changes though I am "likely to see a better broadband performance".
A few years ago when 21CN was being introduced, I remember some discussions about whether it was better or worse than the traditional network - partly to do with the numbers of pipes and such that dealt with each type of network at Plusnet's end. I also muddle ADSL2 into this question as I live out in the sticks and consider 2Mbps very good and the occasional 3Mbps phenomenal.  At present my line is downloading at 1.4Mbps which is not too bad for the evening. I am on ADSL(1) and assume the change to 21CN does not force a change to ADSL2 -which certainly carries a high risk of being worse on a long line.
My question is:-  Should I panic now or wait until after the change is made and see how it goes?
If broadband performance is "likely to be better" - might it be worse. Given how poor it already is, I do not want to see it get worse still. What are the risks?
Any comments, previous experience or advice are welcome.
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Re: Conversion to 21CN

Moving to 21CN and staying on ADSL1 shouldn't create any problems.
Can you post your router stats to give a better idea as to your line capabilities
One thing I would do is to respond to the ticket where the move to 21CN was stated asking to remain on ADSL1
As regards network loading with the speeds you are getting you are unlikely to see any difference