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Constant awful packet loss, speed drops etc since last week

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Constant awful packet loss, speed drops etc since last week

I'm on the Extra BB package on a normal BT line (eg not an exchange I can save money using). Connection and speeds have been great since I joined, although I was a little miffed to realise a few weeks after joining I could have got more for less with the Unlimited package that arrived at start of Jan? But regardless, things have been fine until last weekend. Speeds around 14-16Mbps, much better than I thought I'd get. Now the speed keeps dropping and I noticed it was impossible to play online games anymore. Then I tried a pingtest to discover packet loss of up to 100%, massive latency and jitter. A reboot of the router and things are back to normal. For a few minutes. Then back to insane packet loss etc. This has gone on since the weekend and makes it impossible to play games online and makes streaming content inconsistent. I work during the day and so after 7PM is typically the only time I can go online so I'm annoyed the quality of my connection ruins my evenings when I want to go online. Everytime I reboot the router, things are ok for a few minutes. I tried the PN Help Assistant but it ALWAYS reports an error when I try to use it. Nice to know that doesn't work either.
I see another post about latency at peak times etc and it is disappointing it is widespread.  I hope this unlimited package at very cheap prices doesn't turn PN into another Tiscali where people sign up in their 100's just to get an ever decreasing quality of internet...
Anyway any help on this problem would be appreciated.
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Re: Constant awful packet loss, speed drops etc since last week

Hi collie,
Sorry to hear that you're speeds have been slow, I've had a look over your connection and everything looks fine. It does look like it was caused by the issue with<a href=",111170.0.html">peak time latency thread</a>. We're currently investigating this and we'll update you as soon as we can.
If you do experience this again, then instead of doing a reboot it would be more preferable to login to your router and click disconnect then connect in order to move onto another gateway.