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Connection very patchy for last few days

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Connection very patchy for last few days

Hi all, new member here but a Plusnet customer for years.

For the last few days, our usually stable connection has gone to pants. When the internet is working, it'll only be a minute or two before it's down again. Getting a lot of red lights on the router on the 'internet' light. I've done a full reset and all wires are connected however I can't do any phone line checks because we don't have a landline phone connected. Our PN router is very old now so wondering whether it's an issue with this or with the line and would be grateful for any help as this has become very frustrating, particularly for my other half who is trying to work on her PhD.
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Re: Connection very patchy for last few days

It really is worth getting a phone to check your line, they are cheap enough from Argos or your retailer of choice.