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Connection Dropping

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Connection Dropping

Ok here's one that appears popular and yet I can't find an answer...
My broadband conection over the past 8months has been dropping of and the reconnecting, this can be anytime of day and can ladt upto an hour.
I've reported this several times but get the sa.e answer... "We can't find a problem, please can you do the following...." this is normally check  conections, cables, filtres and setttings ect.
So this time after having a multitude times of conection drops I decided to do an over hsul. Replaced the filtres, replaces the all cables (ADSL & Ethernet) and tried using three differant routers. I'm still getting drops in conection. I've spent a small fortune on replacement items but no luck, even (several times) plugged direct to the test socket and bingo... Conenection dropped.
Everytime. I phone this problem in I get sent a ticket numbrr and three days later get told nothing found need to send an engineer (£60) to take a look at the problem.
So before I finally take the plunge and ask for an engineer visit, I wondered if a yone had any ideas.
Oh by the way this can be any weather day or night.
Thanks Neil
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Connection Dropping

Hi there,
We're not able to state on the cause of the fault until there's been some further investigation to be honest.
Just to be clear an engineer visit only leads to a potential charge of £60 if the fault is found to be due to your equipment or internal wiring (or if they can't gain access to your premises) it sounds like you've done what you can with regards to that though.
My advice at this stage would be to go back and complete the steps on the fault checker, we'll then be able to investigate this further for you.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team