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Concentrator not reachable

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Re: Concentrator not reachable

Quote from: Bob
Quote from: bobcharles
I'm now getting authentication failed.

Our RADIUS servers suggest you're using the wrong password, try retyping it.

I had typed it a few times but now I've turned everything off for twenty minutes and then typed my password again it is working. Thanks.
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Re: Concentrator not reachable

Quite a few people were reporting phone line problems as well as internet.  One PN user on Twitter said he was on the phone, heard a lot of static and then everything went dead.
That's looking like a BT Wholesale/Openreach problem somewhere?
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Re: Concentrator not reachable

We've had word from Wholesale and it looks like that's where the fault lies. Not aware of anything that would have affected PSTN although our support lines were swamped so there'll have been issues for some trying to call us.
Anyway, users seem to be coming back online nicely now. I'll update the service status thread shortly.
Good night all and apologies again for the hassle.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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