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Concentrator not reachable...

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Concentrator not reachable...

Hi the last few nights my internet (fibre) has dropped and this error shows in the router page when trying to reconnect "concentrator not reachable", broadband light on the router is green and no internet light (goes red at first till i try and reconnect) all the lights on the modem are green that should be.
Is it a known fault because Tuesday night from 5:30 till about 11 i was without a connection Sad last drop was before i went to bed at 1am ish last night.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Concentrator not reachable...

Hi, we did change the timeout to stop this happening, but if it still is please try turning the router off for 15 minutes or so then powering it back on (it's fine - in fact it's best - to leave the modem on during this time), that should stop you getting that error.