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Concentrator Unreachable and an unbelievable amount of dropouts and poor speed.

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Concentrator Unreachable and an unbelievable amount of dropouts and poor speed.

I am just curious to know, how having been on the phone to the faults team a good number of times. I was told at the weekend the issue had been resolved and just to monitor my connection, after your faults team had told me that there was a line fault and BT would need to monitor it, BT have apparently done this and returned the verdict of the line being ok. Subsequently from 8am this morning I have had over 11 drop outs, and VERY poor speed. I should be achieving minimum of 29 meg, according to how my router and modem are synching, yet I am barely reaching 1/4 of this.
I work from home and time is very valuable, not just from a monetary sense but the fact I work with clients who have real illnesses and need assistance long distance where I use skype a lot. I am now apparently waiting for BT to come back to you again.
I have used ethernet to connect to modem as per your faults centre, still the same problem, I get the error, concentrator not reachable, I also see when I am connected there is no download data at all at times. I have had 5 more dropouts in the last hour and a half, and it takes forever to come back on if at all. I am currently using my phone to send this.
I cannot keep waiting for days on end to get a resolution to this when BT keep doing remote tests and saying everything is ok, when your faults centre clearly tell me something is not right.
I was told there is nothing else I can do from this end with regards to tests and waiting on BT could take days.
Is there any way to chase them up as they appear to be struggling with getting an engineer to come and do a physical check which is what is needed.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Concentrator Unreachable and an unbelievable amount of dropouts and poor speed.

Sorry to hear about the issues you've had hypnoboy.
I can see that a new fault was raised over the weekend, so far we've had feedback to say that it's linked to a "trouble ticket" or common fault which is affecting other lines in your area.
There's no further response as yet but we understand what effects these issues can cause so we'll aim to keep pushing this and update you as often as we can.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team