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Change from ethernet to a wireless connection

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Change from ethernet to a wireless connection

Plusnet supplied me with a Thompson Gateway wireless router with 4 Ethernet ports and I was pleased how easy it was to set things up with my desktop machine (Ethernet) and a netbook (wireless).
Just as easy when I connected a new laptop via wireless, ran it that way for a couple of weeks and then wanted to try the laptops Ethernet connection, again no problem getting a connection with Plusnet.
I then wanted to change back to wireless connection. The wireless icon shows a connection to "Plusnet wireless" with an excellent signal strength, however neither of my browsers will connect to the internet.
I disconnected the "Plusnet wireless" and conncted again putting in the appropriate Network Key and still had no internet connection. (Tried this numerous times).
If I put the Ethernet cable back into the laptop it then has a connection with the Internet.
Although I have had a look at various options I could find nothing that suited my problem so don't know what to do next!
I would be pleased to hear if there is there a simple "change" I can make that will switch the laptop from using Ethernet to wireless for an internet connection?
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Re: Change from ethernet to a wireless connection

Welcome to the forums!
I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the wireless, there's an easy way that we can check where the problem is:
Open up your browser and type in instead of a website address.
If you're either prompted for a password or if you see the Thomson page then you're connected to the wireless fine, we probably just need to adjust a few settings.
If you're not prompted for a password or if you don't see the Thomson page then your wireless isn't connected properly. Delete the saved network (how you do this varies according to your version of Windows) and try to re-connect. You'll be prompted for the wireless key again.
If you have any trouble following this or if you still can't get online then just give our Support Team a call on 0845 140 0200, we'll be happy to talk you through the process.