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Does anyone have an email address that I can use to speak to customer services in order to cancel my service please? I subscribed to Plusnet in September, paying for 12 months in advance. The service was reportedly connected at the end of October by which time I had left the UK to work overseas. The service is not working and when the lady I live with telephoned Plusnet to report this they would not speak to her as she is not the named account holder. That is fine although I would have appreciated them offering her some technical assistance as she is clearly using the service. However what is not fine is that A) the service is not working and B) Plusnet have just notified me of their intent do direct debit my bank account with a sum for the first months bill - when the service is not working and I have already paid for 12 months in advance. 


I appreciate the website shows an online chat facility, however this seems to be permanently unavailable. Calling from overseas when the lady who initially attempted to report the fault to Plusnet was placed on hold for 45 minutes is not practical either. 



I have emailed Plusnet on email addresses they have emailed me from to be met with auto replies saying that these email addresses are not picked up 'because emails can easily be lost, misdirected or even deleted!' In my view this standard of customer service is absolutely diabolical. Plusnet even sent me an online survey asking is I was happy with the service to which I replied I was not and wanted the service removed, and yet I have still had no reply. 


If anyone has any email address that I can email Plusnet on and not be me with an autoreply stating the account is not monitored please whilst I remain overseas that would be greatly appreciated as I wish to discontinue my service with Plusnet and wholeheartedly regret my decision to leave my previous service provider Sky

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Re: Cancellation

12 months in advance sounds like Line Saver Rental; this is for phone rental only.

CHAT does work; you need to turn off any pop up blockers for it to work;

CHAT can also arrange for your friend to be added as authorised user.

Once authorised, your friend should use links below to sort.

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Re: Cancellation