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Can't access my works website

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Can't access my works website

I'm working from home and all of a sudden this morning I can no longer access my works website the site is

I've only managed to access the website via my phone when I disable wifi access, so that suggests it is an ISP problem.

I'm unable to work without access, so it's quite an urgent issue.

Could it be down to your DNS Server settings?


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Re: Can't access my works website

@COxley ive just tried an nslookup of that site using all of the PlusNet DNS servers ( both Safeguard and normal ) and they ll return the correct IP address. Is it possible that the site uses geolocation to prevent access from non-uk IP addresses ?

I ask this because some out of date  geolocation databases seem to erroneously perceive some plusnet allocated IP's as not being in the UK

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Re: Can't access my works website

IP shows as UK on lookups I've done.
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