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Can my connection be checked PROFILE DROPPED

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Registered: ‎22-05-2014

Can my connection be checked PROFILE DROPPED

Awaiting support team answer  85895238 support started 20th may no answer

Hi I have been with plusnet around 2 month now.
up to 76mb FTTC.
When I signed up I was informed my profile sync should be around at around 64mb
The first few weeks I was synced at around 54 mb
But last week my sync has now dropped to 44mb
As I am on the up to 76mb and now only getting around 42 I left a support question on the 20th may.
But no one has answered this. I have tried phoning plusnet but after waiting 45 minutes gave up.
If nothing can be done then I will cancel my contract as plusnet are not giving me the speed they said I could attain.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Can my connection be checked PROFILE DROPPED

Hi microbar,
I'm really sorry to hear that your FTTC speeds have been dropping. I can see that you've raised a Fault Ticket with us on 20/05/2014 @ 00:55 and you've commented on the ticket twice since within 24 hours. We;'ve not been given enough time to fully investigate the issue for you. Our Faults Team aim to get back in touch within 48-72 hours from the point that you raise the Fault Ticket.
I think we're best allowing our Faults Team to investigate the drop of speeds that you've experienced from 64Mb down to 44Mb. Please bear with us whilst we investigate and we will get back in touch with you.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer