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Broadband usage

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Broadband usage

(Posted on this before but cannot find post now, sorry)
Computer off overnight, on at 0730ish 04 April and found free usage already at 181Mb!  Off at 0755, back on at about 1630 and found paid-for usage 88Mb, but free down to 75.
(I have a wired router, nothing else connected, and only I have access)
I know I do not need to worry about free usage, and maybe the paid-for figure will somehow be corrected, but this erratic metering does not inspire confidence. If these obviously wrong figures are "corrected" how do I know when they are right?!
Has anyone else noticed this sort of stuff. (It is only important because of the download allowance. If I had chosen 8 Gb I probably should not have noticed.)

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Re: Broadband usage