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Broadband still slow

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Broadband still slow

Hi posted previously about my line slowing down, its still slow here are the stats from my router.
Downstream Upstream
Line Coding (Trellis)         On               On
SNR Margin (dB)               13.4               5.7
Attenuation (dB)               31.0               16.9
Output Power (dBm)         0.0               12.8
Attainable Rate (Kbps) 10868             1268
Rate (Kbps)                     6656             1251
Thanks for your help.
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Re: Broadband still slow

Hi Hazel,
I'm sorry to see that you're still having issues, I can see from your account that we requested a reset of your SNR on the 08/08/14 which should have completed on the 09/08/14. Can I ask if you noticed any change at all from this action?
If not then it may be best to raise a fault with us so that we can investigate the problem further and get some diagnostics run for you. You can either call us direct on 0800 432 0200 which will allow us to run through some checks and test with you and get this passed over to the supplier, or you can run through some of these checks yourself here and raise it to us as a support ticket.
We should then have some information back within 48/72 hours of the supplier investigations and and we can advise further on what we need to do to resolve the problem.