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Broadband speed drops out

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Broadband speed drops out

Have been with plus net for 4 months, after the first week I had to phone about sped issues which were resolved but over the past 3 weeks the speed has dropped to 1 - 2mp. Phoned to day and they got it up to 6mp,but fell back to 0.98mp 4 hours later. Phoned again and they got it back to just over 5. But it's now dropping back And is currently at 2.3mp. Wish I'd never changed.

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Re: Broadband speed drops out

Hi Johnny, well if your line was working ok with your previous supplier there cannot be much wrong as it should at least be the same pair between you and the exchange! have you tried the quiet line test (call 17070) just to check your line hasn't gotten something nasty on it like the speaking clock!! ?Huh

Have you got a new modem from Pnet or are you still using the same one ?

Can you post some line stats from your modem please ?

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband speed drops out

Hi and sorry to hear about this,


Looking at the account history I can see there were issues with the broadband connection which affected speeds back in July, however there;s no sign of that at the moment which makes me wonder if the problem relates to WiFi.


Have you tried following the advice shown here to see if that;s the case?

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