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Broadband Usage all wrong

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Broadband Usage all wrong

I've been with PN for 5yrs. Always been within my monthly broadband allowance, even though I'm a heavy-ish user and had uploaded/downloaded files some weeks prior to moving house.
Today I received an email to say I'm almost up to my 10g allowance and when I checked my usage it looks right, but it's wrong.
Since I moved house on 24th november I've had nothing but problems with Plusnet. First my account had so many problems that Plusnet awarded a big discount on my monthly payments. Then I had speed problems, which are sort of resolved, at the Plusnet end but at my end I'm still getting about 6mb speed instead of around 18mb. So my speed issue is still there
Now it looks like I'm going to be billed for broadband usage I've not used. So what's going on?
I don't watch any movies online, I rarely watch youtube vids, I don't download/upload files anymore, haven't since moving here, and send about 25 emails a week!!!
So how come I've got usage for streaming 35% of my allowance, and the rest is emails and other stuff???
Can someone check this out, because I've been hanging on the phone now for over half an hour waiting for someone at Plusnet to answer.
I'm getting a bit fed up to be honest.
I recommended my neighbour use Plusnet, and she ordered her phone/broadband in December, she's still not got her broadband connected and has been told it won't be til next saturday. So I feel bad that I recommended Plusnet.
I had been really pleased with Plusnet but I feel you're going down the drain and mixing with the other [Censored] ISP's.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband Usage all wrong

Don't take this as us taking a defensive stance but I think it's important we look at the fact that your usage this month is actually quite similar to previous months when looking at the usage history, also I can see that you've been fairly close to the 10g limit over the past few months and your billing date is literally only a few days away now.
As things stand you may not even breach the 10gb limit, however as you don't seem to be sure how the usage was accrued this month we'll cover you for an extra £5 if it does go over (you'll need let me know if it does).
Keeping the two issues separate with regards to speeds we'll need you to log a fault here:
Do reply once you've done that and I'll make sure we jump on that for you.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team