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Brand new Technicolor router grinds to a halt

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Brand new Technicolor router grinds to a halt

Yesterday I installed a brand new Technicolor router (actually supplied under the auspices of John Lewis broadband).  It was working fine but later that day my client found she could not connect to the internet.  I went to see it this morning and had the same problem.  I could ping the router and get a response but trying to log in took about a minute to summon up the login window and after waiting a few minutes for the router settings pages to load (they didn't) I gave up and power cycled the thing.  After that it was fine.
Wired connection, all the lights on as normal, just the router on an extreme go-slow.  Is there anything that can be done to stop this happening again?  My client is a little old lady who just wants things to work as they should without the need for manual intervention. 
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Brand new Technicolor router grinds to a halt

Sorry to hear about that issue,
I'm not sure why that happened but would advise factory resetting the router if that were to happen again. Keep us posted about that.
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 Adam Walker
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