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Billion Bipac 7800N settings on FTTC

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Registered: ‎28-05-2013

Billion Bipac 7800N settings on FTTC

My Plusnet Fibre will be installed in a few days and I would like to use my Billion Bipac 7800N as router.  Could others, who successfully set up this router, please confirm the following settings:
1. Set Main Port to EWAN. Then restart the router.
2. Select PPPoE (keep NAT enabled, DNS select to Automatic, leave MTU as default 1492, leave IP as, enter Username [*] and password, leave auth protocol set to auto)
3. Restart the router.
Is it necessary or recommended to reset back to factory default settings before configuring the router for FTTC?
The router is currently running firmware 1.06g.  However, the latest firmware is 1.06h ( Is it worthwhile updating to the latest version?  Has anyone noticed any improvements or problems with 1.06h?  I am asking because there are reports of 1.06h blanking the dhcp addresses assigned table and the router not passing data between the Ewan and the LAN, which can only be fixed by a restart.
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Re: Billion Bipac 7800N settings on FTTC

I joined Plusnet fibre a couple of months ago and use a 7800N and the settings you described should work perfectly.
I didn't even bother with the Plusnet supplied router.
Can't comment on the firmware but i am using the latest available and have had no problems.