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Belkin router keeps restarting

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Belkin router keeps restarting

Have a problem and wondered if anyone could help/advise.
Within the last couple of weeks my Belkin wireless modem/router has taken to restarting of it's own accord. I've had it a couple of years now and there's always been a niggly issue of the wireless link between the PC and router going down after around 10-20 mins after the PC connects to it from being switched on but this would only last a few mins and then it would reconnect and be fine.
However now the unit has started to completely restart by itself a few minutes after the PC is turned on and connects to it. This can happen just once and then be fine but sometimes it can happen 2 or 3 times in a row before settling down. It's strange because it only happens when the PC connects wirelessly. I have both my Sky+ box and a Smart Blu-ray player connected wired to the router and never encounter the same issue when they are using the connection and steaming. If it wasn't for this I would have automatically suspected the power supply as faulty.
I have checked I have the latest firmware for both my router and wireless card. So is this a fault with my router, PC or my line with PlusNet?
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Re: Belkin router keeps restarting

Quote from: optimus
So is this a fault with my router, PC or my line with PlusNet?

It's a fault with your router.  You could try resetting it to factory settings (after which you will have to re-enter your DSL and wireless credentials).  If that does not work then it's time to get a new router.